The right garden hose to choose

People who love gardening should know that having the right garden hose is necessary for gardening. Garden hose is an essential tool for gardening and there are various types of garden hoses to choose from. Some of them are heavy duty while some are just used for light gardening and watering of plants. In case you are looking for the best garden hose then you should know the various types of them.

Different types of garden hoses

The types of garden hoses usually depend on the place where they are going to be used:

  • The lightweight garden hoses- These are made up of vinyl and have plastic fittings, which is why they come at a lower price. The lightweight hoses are something that can fit into one’s budget and is best for those who do not use a garden hose quite often.
  • Heavy duty garden hoses- The regular or the heavy duty garden hoses are usually made up of rubber and are quite flexible, also they can withstand and bare all types of weather and can be used for hot as well as cold water.
  • Flat hose- These are somewhat similar to the fireman’s hose and they can be easily rolled and stored anywhere. The flat hoses are usually flexible and are made up of vinyl, however, they can easily get punctured causing a lot of trouble. Moreover, they are not fit to be used in the garden.
  • Coiled hoses- The coiled hoses are usually 12 to 25 ft in length and are like a tight spiral. They are best for being used in smaller areas and for watering the plants with hands either in the balcony or in the patio.

Except for these, there is the soaker hose also which is used for irrigation and it is made up of rubber and plastic which is recycled.