Compare the Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid vs the Toyota Prius

Thus, when it comes in MPG, how can the Prius and Ioniq compare?

The 2019 Prius 2 1.8L 4-cylinder comes with an EPA-estimated 54 MPG city and 50 MPG street to get a general EPA-estimated combined gas market of 5236.

The 20-19 Ioniq Hybrid SE-L 1.6L I4 comes with an EPA-estimated fuel.

Overall, Both of These hybrids play equally using a slight MPG advantage of moving into the Ioniq. Just 1 of those hybrids has over 17 decades of hybrid drive train legacy, which is the Prius.

Even the 2019 Toyota Prius Two monitors your fuel use as a Result of Its full-color, Multi-Information Screen (MID) eco driveway screen. This advanced level system makes tracking your gas usage simpler. Even the 2019 Hyundai Ioniq SE-L additionally comprises a similar eco-drive screen system supporting the steering wheel column.

That the 2019 Toyota Prius Two comes with a trustworthy hybrid drive train and automatic gas monitoring.


Hybrid cars such as the Prius 2 and Ioniq SE-L are made With fuel efficiency at heart over absolute power.

For absolute horsepower, then a Prius vs. Ioniq contrast reveals the Toyota Prius Two provides an estimated 12-1 net strength, and also the Hyundai Ioniq SE-L provides around 139 joint system horsepower.

To compare Toyota Prius vs Hyundai ioniq along with Toyota Prius engine functionality Is difficult since their hybrid vehicles vary from performance and power in various circumstances and control levels.

Provides minor net horsepower advantage to this Ioniq.

But the Prius does gain from almost two years of Hybrid drive train experience and history which the Ioniq won’t need.


Inside our mind to mind review, 2019 Prius Two Compared to Ioniq SE-L Comparisons show that the Toyota Prius two attracts the very fact of a comfortable, reachable hybrid into the global sector. Arguably the earliest widely effective combination, the initial Prius helped establish the benchmark for its huge requirement for combinations which you can get now.

Prius owners may make the most of this abundance of experience.

(TSS-P)2 4 packages of advanced active safety features and ToyotaCare11 create the Toyota Prius a superb purchase that provides you more excellent value for the investment. Besides, the 2019 Prius includes a 5 Star NHTSA Overall Safety Rating26. At summer 2019, the 2019 Ioniq’s NHTSA safety evaluations weren’t readily available to compare.

The 20-19 Hyundai Ionic’s commendable gas market does create it a Competition contrary to the 2019 Toyota Prius Two.