Ear stretching has become popular among everyone and it is something that looks great on everyone. Different variety and types of jewellery of different ear gauges is used for this like the plugs, ear jewellery and tunnels. Gauges suit everyone and are no longer associated with the teenagers.

ear gauges

Types of jewellery for stretching

As mentioned earlier there are different types of jewellery of different ear gauges that can be used for ear stretching;

  • Tunnel- This is a hollow plug in the shape of tubes; one can see directly through the tunnel. There are flesh tunnels as they weigh less than a lot of the other plugs
  • Straight taper- It comes in steel and it is small on one side while large on the other; the tapers helps in increasing the size of the piercing when inserted.
  • Ear hanger- They are like ornaments that are small on one side and then large on the other side. They are decorative and look quite trendy when worn.
  • Screw fit- It is a tunnel or a plug shaped with threads at the end, it is a little challenging to wear them but they look really good.

Gauges and how do they work?

Choosing the right jewellery for making an insertion is necessary for ear stretching but more than that gauge of the ear piercing is something which is important. The gauge can be different in terms of the brand of the jewellery and the type of the jewellery. It is tricky to understand gauges because one doesn’t stretch the same amount every time.

The standard ear piercing is done at 20g and the size of the gauge goes up and down in the even numbers. Ear gauges are a little difficult to understand and those get ear stretching done can only understand in properly