What is RDP?

Remote Desktop Protocol or RDP is a kind of protocol developed by the IT giant Microsoft, Inc. It employs the use of a graphical interface to connect to other systems in the vicinity or over a working area network connection, Local or Wide. Both computers that use this program need to install RDP in the system, otherwise, it won’t work.

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Every Windows system version that has come after Windows XP will have RDP installed under the title of Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) but Microsoft keeps updating this Terminal Service with every new Windows Version. So if you use a lower version of Windows, chances are your RDP is outdated and may not function too well. In this case, to reap the benefits of the terminal server, you should buy RDP with its newest updates, as it is easily available online for affordable rates and detailed installation instructions as well.

Benefits of RDP

Updating or purchasing the RDP service is a boon for all PC users. Some of the benefits are enlisted here:

  • Enables you to work from a remote environment.
  • Ensures top security of your data and information.
  • Relatively a much cheaper alternative to other terminal services.
  • Accessing, using and navigating the protocol is easy and the interface is user-friendly.

Where to buy RDP from

The Remote Desktop Protocol is officially sold by Microsoft under its patent licence, but the product is obviously very expensive. Before you buy RDP, you should weigh your options and explore the online market. RDP hardware and installation guides are widely available on the internet in the form of subscription plans. This is obviously a much cheaper alternative and gives you the liberty to first use RDP and then decide if you wish to continue. Explore your options well to find great deals on RDP!