Comic con: Reviving the reading spree in the next gen!!

Virtualization has indeed laid a great emphasis on the younger generation across the entire globe. Comic con maniacs who at times were hooked into their fantasy books are now captivated by the arena of Internet, digital games, T.V especially cartoons. Television and the digital technology is a boon in many ways but as there are two sides of a coin, Internet on one hand is an asset but on the other hand is a curse too. There is need to be a particular threshold up to which we can incorporate this blessing into our lives, going way beyond that verge will end up in something disastrous and that is addiction.

comic con12

There is an immediate need to save the kids from the tightened grip of the digital technology and bring them to the age old tradition of reading as this exuberant phenomenon simply gratifies and excites the level of curiosity within us in numerous ways. Comics are the most quietist and loyal friends apart from being patient teachers to the children. As a parent, you need to take a plunge and gift them a reading spree by heading straight towards the comic cons which is a globalized event held exclusively at San Diego known as International Comic cons. High on the popularity charts, it is simply being termed as the comic con and they are dedicated to bring about an amplification in the interest of children towards the enduring world of comics.

Why it is said to be a savior for parents?

Through the paraphernalia of various activities such as web comics, fantasy novels, video games, films etc, comic cons are becoming a vogue outstretching their reach to each corner of the world so as to develop the reading cult again in their kids. As parents, they know that the delight which implies in a paper book dwelling in one’s palms is simply synonymous to realm of nothing less than a paradise. On the contrary, being adhesive to the digital arena such as Internet and T.V for long hours will be of no good for the principles of vision for the children. So, accompany your kids to the International comic con event and let them fall for the magnetic spell of the engaging comics.