College makeup brush kits: Essential for a makeup junkie

Beauty and fashion go hand in hand and makeup has a huge part to play in the latest fashion and beauty trends. Make up for all occasions makes it rather inevitable in the day to day lives now. From a subtle nude to flashy glamorous look, makeup is important and therefore makeup brush kits are available. College is the most happening phase of life and there for a makeup fan, a college makeup brush kit is as important as the college life.

college makeup brush kit

Types of brushes in a college makeup brush kits

The variation in the beauty products demands a separate independent application method which leads to a unique brush for a particular product. Following are some types of brushes found in a college makeup brushes kit.

Foundation brushes

It’s a round shape and domed shaped brush used for application of liquid and cream foundation for a smooth and poreless finish. It can also be used as an eye concealer.

Beauty Blender

An oval-shaped sponge used for blending the makeup as smoothly as possible.

Kabuki Brush

A large brush for applying bronzers and powders.

Powder Brush

It’s a long brush with fluffy bristles to blend loose powders.

Angled Blush Brush

A contouring brush with slanted bristles to apply products on the cheekbones.

Concealer brush

A small synthetic brush to pinpoint specific areas to cover up blemishes and dark spots.

All over eyeshadow brush

An eyeshadow brush to apply powder and cream shadows.

Blending eyeshadow brush

The fluffy bristles on the brush used to diffuse eyeshadow or mixing up various shades of eyeshadow.

Smudger brush

Used for a smoky look, this small thin brush gives extreme intensity to blend and smudge lines on eyeshadow and around eyes.

These brushes along with other equipment when used give a perfect radiant makeup finish. The college makeup brush kit is a must-have for a person who enjoys makeup to a great extent.