Best Basketball shoes with Ankle Support – Choosing the best

Basketball has been a sport that is played in most parts of the world. The sports enjoy the fame owing to its unique style of play and a game that requires a lot of planning and strategizing. The athlete is required to maintain a good standard of the play and is required to use the lower body strength the most. Therefore, the need to choose shoes that most suits the need of the player while maintaining the overall efficiency of theirs is highly essential and the professional sportspersons are particular in choosing the right kind of shoes for the game.

best basketball shoes with ankle support

Qualities of a good shoe

As mentioned, since the sports require the use of lower body strength, the best basketball shoes with ankle support specifically come with a whole lot of advantages that assists a play in their style of play.

  • It possesses a high upper-cut
  • The shoe’s upper part is made with authentic leather or genuine fabric
  • The shoe has a deep or herringbone treads and solid closure
  • Since the player might land after acquiring a significant height on the jump, the shoe should have extra cushioning to counterbalance any impact from the ground.
  • The shoe should fit in the budget of an average basketball player
  • It should allow sufficient air inside the foot, therefore, not too tight
  • Continuing from the previous point, a shoe should allow maximum mobility and flexibility
  • The shoe shouldn’t be prone to wear and tear
  • The midsole should be of a good quality for a comfortable experience
  • If possible, the shoe should be capable of both indoor and outdoor style of play

Thus, a basketball player isn’t only confined to the skill set they possess but also the knowledge of the game and making sure the best shoes are bought to ensure that it complements or even enhance their style of play.