A Must Read Before You Trade With Hotforex


Do I need to provides any Documents for the Opening account at Hotforex: Read Here.

They have made the process very easy to open an account on Hotforex. If it becomes easy, then more people will look to invest in the forex since forex business needs that.

If no passport is available, please upload a very similar identification record bearing your photo such as National ID card or even Driving license.

Evidence of Address – a Bank Statement or Utility Bill. Please be sure, however, that records provided aren’t older than six weeks and also your name and real address is displayed.

Essential Note: The name on the Proof of Identification record has to match the title on the Proof of Address document.

You can uploads your documents directly from your my area; alternatively, you could also scan them and send them to email you can realize that current email address on their site quickly.

The verifications section will check your documents within 48 hours. The kindly note and residue will be credited into the accounts just after your documents are approved as well as your my area is fully activated.